The 39th Annual International Conference on The Psychology of the Self Conference in Boston


Thursday, October 20 - Sunday, October 23, 2016

Omni Parker House
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Critical Clinical Moments in the Treatment Process

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2016 Conference Brochure:
· Link to Conference Brochure (PDF)

Pre-Conference Workshops and Paper Session Descriptions:
· Thursday, October 20th Morning Pre-Conference Workshops (PDF)
· Thursday, October 20th Afternoon Pre-Conference Workshops (PDF)
· Panel Session Descriptions (PDF)
· Friday, October 21st Paper and Panel Session Descriptions (Session A) (PDF)
· Saturday, October 22nd Paper and Panel Session Descriptions (Session B) (PDF)
· Sunday, October 23rd Paper and Panel Session Descriptions (Session C) (PDF)

"Critical Clinical Moments in the Treatment Process" is the 39th Annual Conference sponsored by the International Association of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology and will provide an in-depth view of Self Psychology as practiced and conceptualized almost a halfcentury after Kohut's Analysis of the Self. Today we celebrate his theory as a nonlinear intersubjective approach to treatment but one in which theory recedes at the moment of affective engagement between patient and therapist.

A wide range of topics will be covered in our fourteen Pre- Conference workshops to be offered by well-known teachers as well as newcomers, and catering to different levels of clinical experience and theoretical sophistication. Our Opening Night Panel will feature a film by Beatrice Beebe providing a privileged look at her clinical interaction with an adult patient in long-term treatment. The film will be followed by audience discussion with Beatrice herself.

Twenty-one papers will be presented during three Original Paper sessions, each paper followed by an invited discussion. There will be three Meet the Author events at Friday lunchtime and a tribute to Paul and Anna Ornstein on Friday evening with an award presented by incoming IAPSP president Eldad Iddan. The Kohut Memorial Lecture will be given by Bruce Her-zog of Toronto at lunchtime on Saturday. Special Interest Group meetings are scheduled throughout the conference.

Each of the five Plenary Panels will highlight critical clinical moments of unusual affective intensity and each presentation will be commented on by two invited discussants. On four of the five Panels the clinical material will involve adult patients but on Panel III a child treatment will be presented with its critical moments explored in a more informal discussion among the Panelists. Plenary Panel IV takes as its theme the search for realness and reciprocity in the clinical relationship while Panel V focuses on the analyst's affect in the treatment relationship, offering clinical vignettes from three different speakers.

The first three Plenary Panels will be followed by Post-Panel Discussions in smaller breakdown groups co-led by teams of two. Panels IV and V will have no separate Post-Panel Discussion Groups but will have in-Panel audience-discussions instead. To begin and end the conference we'll hear a few words from our outgoing and incoming presidents respectively -- Shelley Doctors and Eldad Iddan. And we thank them profoundly for their contribution!

2016 Conference Co-Chairs:
Richard Geist, EdD and Judith Guss Teicholz, EdD

2016 Conference Paper Chair:
Scott Davis, MD

2016 Pre-Conference Chair:
Jill Gardner, PhD

2016 Conference Planning Committee:
Ronald Bodansky, PhD; Elizabeth Corpt, LICSW; Scott Davis, MD; Heather Ferguson, LCSW, MS; Jill Gardner, PhD; Jacqueline Gotthold, PsyD; Bruce Herzog, MD, FRCPC; Jane Jordan, PsyD; Gabriela Mann, PhD; Malcolm Slavin, PhD; Maria Slowiaczek, PhD; and Anna Stothart, PsyD, LMHC

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