Our Creative IAPSP Community

by  Anne Paris, PhD

It is no surprise that the IAPSP community values creativity as one of the highest forms of vitality and resilience of the self. We recognize it in our patients, we theorize about its importance, we discuss the nuances involved in the creative process, and we enjoy it in our everyday lives. This new column is devoted to the creative expression of our members.

Rather than talking about creativity, we'd like to give members an opportunity to share their creative works. We are interested in your poems, short stories, paintings, drawings, photographs, songs, or any other artistic projects. We can post text and pictures directly as well as links to audio/visual files of music, dance, or theatrical performances.

Please email your entries to Anne Paris, PhD at and they will be reviewed for appropriateness and then posted on a rotating basis. There are many excellent artists, writers, and musicians among us and we hope this new column will be a fun and interesting way to share our talents!

Anne Paris, PhD,
Midwest Editor, IAPSP e-forum

Paintings by Stacy Berlin

Four paintings by Stacy Berlin.
Click here to see the gallery.

Drawings by Terry Marks-Tarlow

Four drawings by Terry Marks-Tarlow.
Click here to see the gallery.

Music by Peter Jay Stein

Peter Jay Stein, MD, MA is also a musician. He was steeped in Elvis and the guitar as a child, and also learned violin in the 1950's. The recent advances in digital technology have allowed him to write, arrange, record, perform, produce, and publish his own music which can be characterized as an "indi-folkrock" genre. Listen to his music at www.pjsteinsongs.com or at www.shiftingskyrecords.com

Dr. Stein has been in the private practice of psychiatry in Rockville Centre, New York, since 1984 and specializes in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychopharmacology.

Paintings by Betty Canick

Three paintings by Betty Canick.
Click here to see the gallery.

A poem by Peggy DuBois

A poem by Peggy DuBois.
Click here to see the piece.

An essay and poem by Monica Callahan

An essay and poem by Monica Callahan.
Click here to see the piece.

Paintings by Susan Radant

Three paintings by Susan Radant.
Click here to see the gallery.

Paintings by Anna Carusi

Four paintings by Anna Carusi.
Click here to see the gallery.

Paintings by Allan H Gelber

Three paintings by Allan H Gelber.
Click here to see the gallery.

Photography by Bill Coburn

An image from the Burning Man festival and description by Bill Coburn.
Click here to see the gallery.

Paintings by Neslihan Rugancı

Dr. Rugancı has graciously shared three of her paintings for display in our new Creative Community column. I am particularly touched by her lovely illustrations of relationship - both between people and animals. Thank you very much Dr. Rugancı!
Click here to see the gallery.



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