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by  Doris Brothers

As I sit in the "quiet car" of the train taking me back to New York just hours after the ending of the 39th Annual IAPSP conference in Boston, I'm finally in touch with the feelings that rushed by during the last few busy days. First, of all, probably because this conference overflowed with presentations that were both emotionally enriching and theoretically demanding, I feel the kind of tired that indicates that I've just expended a great deal of energy - but energy that was really well spent. Secondly, I'm filled with pride at having participated in an event that brought together some of the most talented and thoughtful clinicians and thinkers in our field. And thirdly, I'm overjoyed at having connected with friends and colleagues from near and far, some of whom I see only at the annual conference.

I hope that eForum will continue to reflect the excitement and gratification the conference seems to have inspired in many who attended. We are delighted to offer two wonderful new op-ed pieces. One is by Flora Lazar, entitled "Literary Criticism, Psychoanalysis, and the New Politics of Otherness." The other is by Harry Paul and George Hagman, entitled "Our Leadership Dilemma." Both are wonderfully thought-provoking.

We also have new editions of several terrific columns: "Voices from Israel" by Orly Shoshani and "Early Career Essentials" by Flora Lazar. Please visit eForum often to check out new columns that will be posted during the coming year. We plan to post summaries of the conference panels and provide additions to existing columns such as Carol Mayhew's column, "What Are You Reading Now?," Anne Paris's columns, "Our Creative IAPSP Community," and "Book News," and Annette Richard's "IAPSP Interviews".

I want to remind you that you can use eForum to keep your colleagues up to date on what's happening in your life, your work, or your institute or training program. Just submit news items for posting on "Members' Updates," "Recent Publications," and "Institute News." Send them to me at .

Of course, we look forward to receiving any short articles or op-ed pieces you'd care to submit for review.

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Literary Criticism, Psychoanalysis and the New Politics of Otherness

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