What Are You Reading and Watching Now?

A column by   Carol Mayhew, Ph.D, Psy.D.

Welcome to eForum's new column "What Are You Reading and Watching Now?"

This column is an opportunity for IAPSP members to share what they are currently or have recently read or watched. Both fiction and non-fiction are welcome. If you would like to participate, please email me at . In the meantime, enjoy reading the responses of your fellow members.

Kathi Magnussen

Geographical Location: Beverly Hills, Calif.

Academic and Psychoanalytic Affiliations: ICPLA, IARPP, IAPSP

Relationship to IAPSP: Member

What Are You Reading and Watching Now?: Reading Manhatten Beach, recently saw Mother!, Darren Arronofsky's new film. Most people hated it, but I think they didn't know what it was about. Without knowing, it just seems like a dumb horror movie. It's an allegory about the Bible. Xavier Bardeem is God (wonderful as a complex narcissist), Jennifer Lawrence is Mother Nature, Michele Pfiefer is Eve and Ed Harris is Adam. Cain and Abel have an appearance, Baby Jesus is present, and the humans who are ignoring their contributions to climate change. I only know this, because I read an interview with Arronofsky. I would have walked out otherwise. Glad I didn't! It was brilliant...

Mary Reiss

Geographical Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Academic and Psychoanalytic Affiliations: Arizona Psychoanalytic Society, Harris Institute for Infant Mental Health

What Are You Reading and Watching Now?: The Analyst in the Inner City, it offers an insightful and empathic perspective into the plight of anyone who has worked in community mental health with a psychodynamic lens and all the complexities joys and heartache therein.

Documentary from London, Help Me Love My Baby (Dr. Amanda Jones, Anna Freud Center)
Amanda Jones offers an extraordinary window into how a mothers ghosts in the nursery are transmitted to her baby's inner world. Every analyst should see at least 1 episode.

Faith G Lewis LCSW/ Certified Psychoanalyst

Academic and Psychoanalytic Affiliations: Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Washington DC

Relationship to IAPSP: Member

What Are You Reading and Watching Now?: We just finished watching the series This Is Us, which is a well acted, not over-written, story of a 70's family with 'triplets', their grown children, one of whom is adopted and African American. As I discussed with one African-American client, who is far better educated than his family members: "He had guidance, but no roots; you had roots, but not enough guidance". He found it helpful. The sister in the series is obese, and very open about this struggle. The other brother is a lightly-held narcissist with a successful Hollywood star image, which he is trying to shed.

I am reading "Hillbilly Elegy" which is an honest look at class & clan self-image within that population, but which resonates with many in the lower class. Particularly timely in the face of the current self-destructive voting patterns of many poorer whites.

There is more, but i thought I'd offer those.

I would be happy to chat with others in an open forum about these and other psychologically-compelling media.

Michelle Lalouche-Kadden, Ph.D.

Geographical Location: Geographical Location: San Diego CA

Academic and Psychoanalytic Affiliations: Psychologist for 25 years, 3rd year Candidate at SDPC, previously completed two years at ICP- San Diego monthly Contemporary Psychoanalytic series

Relationship to IAPSP: Candidate member. Joined this year

What Are You Reading and Watching Now?: I am reading Donna Orange: Emotional Understanding. Just finished Relational Perspectives on the Body: Relational Perspective series, I also started reading Emmanuel Ghent. I try to read as much Contemporary, Relational, IST and Self Psychology as possible as my training program is still a bit old school. Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to the conference.

Susan B. Stern, LCSW

Geographical Location: I live in the city of Chicago. My private practice is still in Northfield, Illinois. I used to live on the Northshore and moved off of it a year ago. Empty Nester Syndrome. : )

Academic and Psychoanalytic Affiliations: I received a certificate June 2017 from the Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis: The Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Thought. I was also a Student at Large for two years prior.

Relationship to IAPSP: I became a member one month ago. I hope it will keep me educated, connected to others in the field and I am very Self-Psychological in my approach and my work with children, young people and parents.

What Are You Reading and Watching Now?: The Good Enough Marriage by Eli Finkel (new book), Irving Yalom's new book Becoming Myself. A psychiatrist's memoir. I LOVE Irving Yalom!! always. Article: Affects and Self Objects (Daphne Socarides Stolorow). The Light Between Us, Laura Lynn Jackson.


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