What Are You Reading and Watching Now?

A column by   Carol Mayhew, Ph.D, Psy.D.

Welcome to eForum's new column "What Are You Reading and Watching Now?"

This column is an opportunity for IAPSP members to share what they are currently or have recently read or watched. Both fiction and non-fiction are welcome. If you would like to participate, please email me at . In the meantime, enjoy reading the responses of your fellow members.

Peter Jay Stein, MD, MA

Geographical Location: Rockville Centre (Long Island), New York

Academic and Psychoanalytic Affiliations: member: IAPSP; member: American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry

Relationship to IAPSP: Member

What Are You Reading and Watching Now?: The Geologic Time Scale, 2012 describes Earth's evolution, in tens of millions and hundreds of millions of years. Though humbling and terrifying, geologic time is awesome, as is the human intellect, which can grasp facts far beyond one's finite lifespan. I attempt to summarize the emergence of life in a website, www.emergentearth.com

Flora Lazar, PhD, LSW

Geographical Location: Chicago

Academic and Psychoanalytic Affiliations: Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis

Relationship to IAPSP: Web site redevelopment committee, Social Action Committee, EForum, Early Career Essentials

What Are You Reading and Watching Now?: As we are an international organization and should thus not be limited to reading in English, I would urge any of our francophone members to read L'Ablation, a short novel written by the Moroccan author Tahar Ben Jelloun, a member of France's illustrious Académie Goncourt and an exquisite chronicler of the interior lives of his subjects. This work, one of several taking up questions of embodied experience, is a raw first-hand account of the physical sequelae of the subject's prostate removal surgery and its impact on his subsequent emotional life. The author spares nothing in his treatment of the main character's experience of impotence and incontinence, especially his feelings of shame, loss, and isolation.

Jean Walbridge

Geographical Location: Highland Park, IL

Academic and Psychoanalytic Affiliations: LCSW

Relationship to IAPSP: Member

What Are You Reading and Watching Now?: Is It All In Your Head?, Suzanne O'Sullivan, Consultant Neurologist, 2017.
Dr. O'Sullivan takes us through several stunning cases of psychosomatic illness and demonstrates how crucial the physician's interactions with the patients are in helping the patients come to terms with an other than recognizable physical illness diagnosis. I learned that the brain of a person experiencing psychosomatic symptoms is not the same as the normal picture. There really are brain changes, and the symptoms are really experienced. What it is so hard for patients to grasp is that their real symptoms are being caused by emotional distress of which they are unaware. I also am envious of the British system, in which apparently patients who are not critically ill or completely disabled can be hospitalized for a diagnostic examination, a practice which I think probably could not happen in the United States. Very thoughtful and enlightening.

Harriet Pappenheim

Geographical Location: Manhattan

Academic and Psychoanalytic Affiliations: Past president, Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Society; Delegate, International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies; Member NYSCCW, AGPA, EGPS, APA, AAMFT, IFPS, IAPSP.

Academic: Postgraduate Center for Mental Health, National Institute for the Psychotherapies, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center, Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy

What Are You Reading and Watching Now?: I read all the time in my spare time, novels and history. In the last two years I have re-read Hemingway: Farewell to Arms, The Old Man and the Sea, The Sun Also Rises, For Whom the Bell Tolls. Reading Hemingway later in life makes you appreciate just how much of a magnificent writer he was. I also discovered James Salter, known as ": A writer's writer." And he is. Extraordinary. A Sport and a Pastime, Light Years, All That Is, Last Night. Actually, I read all his books. I also read "How We Die". I read Hoeullebecq "The Map and the Territory" and have "Submission" on my night table.

The history books I have read in the last year are: D Day Through German Eyes, Dora Bruder (Modiano), How to be a Tudor, Crack and Thump.

I also saw the Musical "Hamilton" which is worth all the Hype. It is a "must see!"

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