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IAPSP Leadership

· Current Executive Board of the IAPSP
· Advisory Board of the International Council
· International Council Members

Current Executive Board of the IAPSP

Eldad Iddan, MA

Martin Gossmann, MD
International Executive Coordinator

Amy Eldridge, PhD, MSW
National Executive Coordinator

Scott Davis, MD

Doris Brothers, PhD

Shelley Doctors, PhD
Immediate Past President

Estelle Shane, PhD
Ex Officio

James L. Fosshage, PhD, ABPP
Ex Officio

Sandra Hershberg, MD
Ex Officio

Jill Gardner, PhD
Ex Officio


Advisory Board of the International Council

Comprises the chairs of each of the working committees of IAPSP. The committee chair is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the President. We encourage all interested IAPSP members to join a working committee of their choice. The Advisory Board is comprised of the following members:

Current Committees and Chairs:

Affiliates Committee - Scott Davis, MD

Institute Membership Committee - George Hagman, MSW

Archives Committee - Michael Clifford, PhD and Carol Martino, LCSW

Clinical Consultations - Ruth Burtman, PhD and Phyllis DiAmbrosio, PhD

Elections Committee - Jill Gardner, PhD and Frank Lachmann, PhD

Membership Committee - James Fosshage, PhD

eForum Committee - Doris Brothers, PhD

Publication & Journal Committee - Roger Frie, PhD, PsyD and Doris Brothers, PhD

Journal Club Committee - Judith Rustin, LCSW and Brenda Solomon, MD

Welcoming Program Committee - Maria Slowiaczek, PhD

Candidates and Students Committee - Charles Finlon, MSW

Community Enhancement Committee - Maria Slowiaczek, PhD

Child and Adolescent Group - Amy Joelson, LCSW and Denise Davis, LCSW

Couples & Family Therapy Committee - Carla Leone, PhD

Advisor - Joseph Lichtenberg, MD


International Council Members

The Council is composed of the original founding members, joined now by individuals democratically elected by the entire membership. As the original founding members vacate their council seats, these seats too are filled by means of democratic election.

International Council Members:

Howard Bacal, MD, Founding - West Region

Erwin Bartosch, PhD, Founding - Int'l Region, Austria

Beatrice Beebe, PhD, Founding Emeritus - East Region

Ronald Bodansky, PhD, Founding - Int'l Region, Germany

Doris Brothers, PhD - East Region

Ruth Burtman, PhD - East Region

Lucyann Carlton, JD, PsyD - West Region

Elizabeth Carr, MSN, BC - East Region

Michael Clifford, PhD - East Region

William Coburn, PhD, PsyD, Founding - West Region

Elizabeth Corpt, MSW, LICSW - East Region

Scott Davis, MD - Midwest Region

Phyllis DiAmbrosio, PhD - East Region

Shelley Doctors, PhD - East Region

Amy Eldridge, PhD, MSW - Midwest Region

Yavuz Erten, MA, Founding Emeritus - Int'l Region, Turkey

Charles Finlon, MSW - East Region

James Fisch, MD, Founding - Midwest Region

Josy Fisch, MD, Founding Emeritus - Int'l Region, Switzerland

James Fosshage, PhD, Founding - East Region

Henry Friedman, MD, Founding East Region

Paula Fuqua, MD, Founding Emeritus - Midwest Region

Jill Gardner, PhD, Founding - Midwest Region

Richard Geist, EdD - East Region

Karina Goldberg, PhD - Int'l Region, Israel

Martin Gossmann, MD - Int'l Region, Germany

Jacqueline Gotthold, PsyD - East Region

Arthur Gray, PhD - East Region

Ruth Gruenthal, MSW, Founding Emeritus - East Region

George Hagman, PsyD, LCSW - East Region

Andrea Harms, PhD, PsyD, Founding - Int'l Region, Austria

Hans-Peter Hartmann, MD, PhD, Founding - Int'l Region, Germany

Sandra Hershberg, MD - East Region

Eldad Iddan, MA - Int'l Region, Israel

Samuel Izenberg, MD, Founding Emeritus - East Region

Amy Joelson, LCSW - East Region

Jane Jordan, PsyD, Founding - West Region

Sandra Kiersky, PhD - West Region

Amanda Kottler, MA, Founding Emeritus - Int'l Region, South Africa

Raanan Kulka, MA - Int'l Region, Israel

Frank Lachmann, PhD, Founding - East Region

Susan Lazar, MD, Founding - East Region

Lester Lenoff, MSW - East Region

Carla Leone, PhD - Midwest Region

Carol Levin, MD - Midwest Region

Jane Lewis, LCSW - East Region

Joseph Lichtenberg, MD, Founding - East Region

Heather MacIntosh, PhD, CPsych - East Region

Carol Martino, LCSW - East Region

Carol Mayhew, PhD, PsyD - West Region

Sheldon Meyers, MD, Founding Emeritus - Midwest Region

Wolfgang Milch, MD, Founding - Int'l Region, Germany

Carol Munschauer, PhD, Founding - East Region

Gianni Nebbiosi, PhD, Founding - Int'l Region, Italy

Donna Orange, PhD, PsyD, Founding - East Region

Anna Ornstein, MD, Founding Emeritus - East Region

Eileen Paris, PhD - West Region

Christa Paulinz, PhD - Int'l Region, Austria

Tessa Philips, PhD, Founding - Int'l Region, Australia

Annette Richard, MPs - East Region

Ramon Riera, MD, Founding Emeritus - Int'l Region, Spain

Philip Ringstrom, PhD, PsyD, Founding - West Region

Gary Rodin, MD, Founding Emeritus - East Region

Judith Rustin, MSW - East Region

Roger Segalla, PhD - East Region

Rosemary Segalla, PhD, Founding - East Region

Estelle Shane, PhD, Founding - West Region

Sanford Shapiro, MD, Founding - West Region

Marc Sholes, LCSW - East Region

Allen Siegel, MD, Founding - Midwest Region

Malcolm Slavin, PhD, Founding - East Region

Maria Slowiaczek, PhD - Midwest Region

Brenda Solomon, MD, Founding - Midwest Region

David Solomon, MD, Founding - Midwest Region

Dorienne Sorter, PhD - East Region

Margaret Sperry, PsyD - West Region

Steven Stern, PsyD - East Region

Robert Stolorow, PhD, Founding - West Region

Paolo Stramba-Badiale, PhD, Founding Emeritus - Int'l Region, Italy

Maxwell Sucharov, MD, Founding - West Region

David Terman, MD, Founding - Midwest Region

Koichi Togashi, PhD - Int'l Region, Japan

Jeffrey Trop, MD, Founding - West Region


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