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Psychoanalysis, Self and Context (PSC)

Psychoanalysis, Self and ContextWelcome to the Psychoanalysis, Self and Context web page!

Psychoanalysis, Self and Context (PSC) is the official publication of the International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology. The new name and fresh look of the journal reflect the evolving psychoanalytic environment in which we work. PSC is a peer-reviewed quarterly publication that explores the clinical, social, cultural and political settings that shape the shared reality of analysts and patients.

PSC is dedicated to the interplay of ideas between self psychology and other contemporary paradigms in the wider psychoanalytic community. It celebrates the ground breaking contributions of Heinz Kohut and his colleagues and the evolving nature of psychoanalytic theory and practice. In keeping with its commitment to maintain a high level of scholarship, theoretical creativity, illustration of sound clinical practice, and a diversity of ideas and perspectives, PSC publishes original articles, plenary presentations, poetry, and reviews that provide in-depth analyses of recent literature and film related to our field.

Subscription to PSC is obtained through the publisher, Taylor and Francis, or as a benefit of membership in the IAPSP.

The PSC publisher's web page now offers a powerful search engine, a listing of the Table of Contents of each volume, and an Author's Index to assist you in your research needs. We hope you will visit it often!

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Doris Brothers, Ph.D. and Roger Frie, Ph.D., Psy.D.
Co-Editors, Psychoanalysis, Self and Context


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