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Volume 1, Number 2, Spring 2004
Self Psychology News
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Editor's Introduction, Allen Siegel
Notes from the President, Paul Ornstein
Message from the Incoming President, James L. Fosshage
26th Annual Conference: Creating New Therapeutic Possibilities
Panel 1, Linda Marino
Panel 2, Ron Bodansky
Panel 3, Sandra G. Hershberg
The Gay Community
Plea for Papers, Dennis Shelby
The Children's Corner
We Were All Once Children, Jackie Gotthold and Rosalind Chaplin-Kindler
Feature Articles
Being There, Anne Yarowsky
Interview with Joseph Lichtenberg, MD, Judy Guss Teicholz
Bridging, Lucyann Carlton
ICP Online - Messy Yet Essential, Sanford Shapiro
Eric Santner and the Psychotheology of Everyday Life, Christine C. Kieffer
Bards of Self Psychology
Introduction to the Bards, Allen Siegel
Homage to Emily Dickinson, George Northrup
Untitled Poem
Authors' Corner
Misunderstanding Freud, Written by Arnold Goldberg, Interviewed by Jeffrey Stern
Ethics and the Discovery of the Unconscious, Written by John Hanwell Riker, Interviewed by Eleanor Feinberg
The Importance of Philosophical Understanding for Psychoanalysis: Rejoinder for Joye Weisel-Barth, Robert D. Stolorow
On Changes in Psychoanalytic Writing Styles: An Essay, Paula B. Fuqua
Noontime Musings at the Farmers' Market in Santa Monica, Bernard Brickman
Self Psychology Around the World
South African 7th National Conference on the Psychology of the Self, Dennis Shelby
Reorganization in the Anatolia Center for the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies in Turkey, Siebl Mercan
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