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Self Psychology News Volume 1 Issue 3
Self Psychology News
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Information Feature Articles Panels
27th Annual Conference: How Does Analysis Cure?
Masthead A Candidate's View of the 27th Annual International Conference, by Ann Marie Plane
Panel 1, The Way Into the Metal Box, by Marcia D-S Dobson
Looking With His Eyes, by Lucy D. Freund
Turkish Translations
Panel 2, Struggling Out of the Box, by D. Bradley Jones
Interview with Howard Bacal, Kohut Memorial Lecture Honoree, by Nancy VanDerHeide
Panel 3, Out of the Box, by John Riker
Editor's Introduction, Christine C. Kieffer
Authors' Corner
Panel 4, Pseudo-endings and New Beginnings, by Joan Rankin
Notes from the President, James Fosshage Misunderstanding Freud, Written by Arnold Goldberg, Interviewed by Jeffrey Stern
Op-ed An Interview with Robert Stolorow, by Shelley Doctors
The Children's Corner
Trauma: To Relive or not to Relive, Stuart D. Perlman
From the Editors, by Jackie Gotthold and Rosalind Chaplin Kindler
A Small Contribution, M. David Liberman The Gay Community
Learning Disabilities and the Psychology of the Self, by Margaret Amerongen
What Do Gay and Lesbian Therapists Do With Their Gay and Lesbian Patients, by Dennis Shelby
Self Psychology Around the World
Conjoint Family Sessions, by Carla Leone
Difference and Otherness, by Amanda Kottler
The Metaphor of the Tennis Game, Renato Barauna and Marcelo Arantes

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