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Volume 1, Number 4 Summer 2006
Self Psychology News
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Editor's Introduction, by Christine C. Kieffer
Notes from the President, by James L. Fosshage
Self Psychology Around the World
Self Psychology in Australia Today by S. Giac Giacomantonio
Review of Joseph Lichtenberg's Craft and spirit, by Tony Verner
The Gay Community
Introduction, by R. Dennis Shelby
Defense Against the Traumatized Self and the Corresponding Changes to the Therapist's Empathic Attunement, by Boris Thomas
Feature Articles
Musings to Regulate Myself, by Amy Eldridge
Prevention of Disorganized Attachment: And Maybe Ambivalent and Avoidant As Well, by Irene Harwood
Report on the Bali Conference: Varieties of Dissociation, by Herb Rabin and Judith Rustin
From the Editors, by Jackie Gotthold and Rosalind Chaplin Kindler
The Parent Child Relationship, by Jackie Gotthold and Rosalind Chaplin Kindler
A Girl, Her Mother & Her Analyst - Summary of a Paper by Amy Joelson, by Roger Segalla
Authors' Corner
An Interview with Jessica Benjamin, by Christine C. Kieffer
Kohut Memorial Lecture Honoree: Joseph Lichtenberg, M.D., by Shelley Doctors
Panel 1 - A Focus on Transference, by Leslie Smith
Panel 2 - A Focus on Relationship/Enactment, by Carla Leone
Panel 3 - A Focus on Dramatic Moments and Improvisation, by Leonard Bearne
Summary of the Paper Presentations, by Frank Lachmann
Keynote Presentations Summary, by John Riker
Welcoming Program Launched, by Maria Slowiaczek
Is There a Place for Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy?, by Susen Kay
Surviving Collective Trauma, by Harriet Pappenheim, Emanuel Shapiro and Jean Owen

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