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Volume 1, Number 5 Fall 2007
Self Psychology News
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Editor's Introduction, by Christine C. Kieffer
Notes from the President, by James L. Fosshage
News from Members
Self Psychology Around the World
Understanding and Explaining Therapeutic Behaviour: Why Do We Do What We Do?, by S. Giac Giacomantonio
Feature Articles
Successive Approximations to an Analytic Identity, by Salee Jenkins
Across the Divide in Chicago, by Jacqueline J. Gotthold
The Gay Community
Introduction, by R. Dennis Shelby
The Significance of Brokeback Mountain, by Ralph Roughton
Reflections on Connectedness, by Eileen Paris
Panel 1 - Evolving Perspectives on the Selfobject Transference, by Judith Rustin
Panel 2 - The Self, by Eleanor Feinberg
Panel 3 - Evolving Perspectives on Interpretation, by Joan Rankin
Panel 4 - Forms and Transformations of Narcissism, by Nancy VanDerHeide
Authors' Corner
An Interview with Estelle Shane, by Kati Breckenridge
Kohut Memorial Lecture Honoree: Paul Ornstein, by Kate Schechter

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