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Welcome to the IAPSP member page. Below you'll find links to website features available only to members, updates and information from IAPSP officials, and tools for maintaining your account. Your username and password will be required to access some of the features below.

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About IAPSP Membership

To find out more about IAPSP and the benefits of membership, download our Factsheet.

Institutional Membership

About Membership:
IAPSP offers membership on an organizational as well as an individual basis. Institutional Membership is offered to any group organized to study, practice or promote mental health. Please note: your organization does not have to be a teaching or training institute to become an institutional member. And while Self Psychology is a theory based on psychoanalytic principles, psychoanalytic training is not in itself a prerequisite for membership nor is any allegiance to the theory of Self Psychology. Finally, institutional membership makes available to your individual members a number of benefits, most important, reduced membership fees.

IAPSP is a nonprofit organization comprising more than 600 mental health workers more than a dozen institutions from around the world. In actuality, the IAPSP membership encompasses a variety of mental health fields, as well as others from diverse disciplines who are interested in a dialogue between and among their particular fields of study and the theory and practice of Self Psychology.

Among the many synergistic benefits associated with a Institutional membership in IAPSP, the following specific benefits are available to the member institution and its individual members:

  • Individual members of each Member Institution will receive a 10% discount on IAPSP membership dues.
  • The leadership of Member Institutions will be included in a forum to discuss and collaborate on issues such as establishing curriculums, establishing criteria and training for supervisors, developing programming, establishing non-profit status, leadership and governance issues, and establishing and maintaining CEU and CME accreditations, etc.
  • Institutional Members will receive a URL link on IAPSP's website back to their website.
  • Institutional Members will receive (1) annual subscription to the International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology
  • Institutional Members will have access to the Speakers Bureau

I invite you to apply and invite your organization to join many others across the globe in critical conversations affecting mental health today.

How to Apply:
To apply for Institutional Membership, please download and fill out the form using the link below, and return to the address given on the form.
For any questions you may contact the Chair of the Institutional Membership Committee:
George Hagman, MSW at

IAPSP Institutional Membership Form (Word DOC) (right-click and 'Save As' to download)


Journal Bloc Subscription for Members

As a member benefit, we are pleased to announce the offering of psychoanalytic journals at bloc subscription prices. As you know, the International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (IJPSP) is included in your IAPSP membership fees.

You must mention your IAPSP MEMBERSHIP when placing your subscription in order to be eligible, please RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP TODAY!

You will need to order directly from the publisher by using your IAPSP membership information. You can order any of the journals listed below BY EMAILING OR CALLING THE PUBLISHER DIRECTLY. Orders will be shipped on a monthly and/or cyclical basis.

Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Contemporary Psychoanalysis, an international quarterly, is the journal of the William Alanson White Institute and the William Alanson White Psychoanalytic Society. It was founded in 1964 by Max Deutscher, Ph.D. and Rose Spiegel, M.D. From its inception its purpose has been to communicate Interpersonal psychoanalytic perspectives on theory, development, social issues, and practice to all who are concerned with understanding human affairs and treating emotional difficulties. The journal is dedicated to the spirit of mutual respect and inquiry, and therefore also presents a wide variety of other psychoanalytic points of view. Editors-in-chief are Don Greif, Ph.D. and Ruth Livingston, Ph.D.

Our special subscription rates are as follows:
Contemporary Psychoanalysis - 2017
Print & Online: Personal
USD 79.00/yr (IAPSP Members only)

For subscriptions and free access to frequently cited articles, visit:

Manuscript submissions www.editorialmanager.com/uucp

The International Journal of Psychoanalysis

The International Journal of Psychoanalysis is a fully peer reviewed journal published six times a year (February, April, June, August, October and December) since its merger with The International Review of Psycho-Analysis in 1994. It is the only psychoanalytic journal regularly publishing extensive contributions by authors throughout the world - facilitated by a system of international editorial boards and the policy of allowing submission and review in all main European languages, followed by translation of accepted papers at the Journal's expense.

We publish contributions on Methodology, Psychoanalytic Theory & Technique, The History of Psychoanalysis, Clinical Contributions, Research and Life-Cycle Development, Education & Professional Issues, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and Interdisciplinary Studies. The Journal also publishes the main papers and panel reports from the International Psychoanalytical Association's Congresses, book reviews, obituaries, and correspondence.

Website: www.wiley.com/bw/journal.asp?ref=0020-7578

IAPSP Members
$170.00 (Practitioners)
$109.00 (Student)
Phone: (858) 270-3503

Psychoanalytic Dialogues

Launched in 1991, Psychoanalytic Dialogues was founded on the premise that within the diverse world of psychoanalysis there had developed a set of overlapping perspectives that regarded relational configurations of self and others, real and fantasied, as the primary units of human motivation and psychodynamic explanation. These perspectives emerged within interpersonal psychoanalysis; British object relations theories; self psychology; the empirical traditions of infancy research and child development; and certain currents of contemporary Freudian thought. This common relational model has come to provide a vitalizing framework within which clinical contributions can be situated and developed.

Website: www.informaworld.com

Taylor & Francis Group LLC
Phone: 800-354-1420 ext. 275

Psychoanalytic Inquiry

Now published eight times a year, Psychoanalytic Inquiry retains distinction in the world of clinical publishing as a genuinely monographic journal. By dedicating each issue to a single topic, PI achieves a depth of coverage unique to the journal format; by virtue of the topical focus of each issue, it functions as a monograph series covering the most timely issues - theoretical, clinical, developmental, and institutional - before the field. Recent issues, focusing on Unconscious Communication, OCD, Movement and Body Experience in Exploratory Therapy, Object Relations, and Motivation, have found an appreciative readership among analysts, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and a broad range of scholars in the humanities.

Website: www.informaworld.com

Taylor & Francis Group LLC
Phone: 800-354-1420 ext. 275

Psychoanalytic Perspectives

A major aim of Psychoanalytic Perspectives is to cultivate interplay between relational, interpersonal, or intersubjective flow, and the more delineated forms of traditional theory. Its pages provide an intellectually nurturing space for dialogue between emerging analysts and those who have preceded them. In the integrative spirit of the founders of The National Institute for the Psychotherapies Training Institute (NIP-TI), the journal includes writing by practitioners of other therapy modalities, such as body-centered, cognitive, family, and group therapies.

Website: www.psychperspectives.com

Psychoanalytic Perspectives
$35 for every two issues
Phone: 212.582.1566

Psychoanalytic Quarterly

The oldest free-standing psychoanalytic journal in North America, The Psychoanalytic Quarterly is published every January, April, July, and October. Each issue contains from six to eight original articles, a section of in-depth book reviews, and a unique series of abstracts summarizing selected international journals and correlations with the neurosciences. An independent journal with a strong clinical focus, the Quarterly is not wedded to any one school of psychoanalytic thought. Its editorial goals are to encourage and publish the most rigorous original papers from North America and around the world, representing all contemporary psychoanalytic perspectives on the theories, practices, research endeavors, and applications of adult and child psychoanalysis.

Website: www.sheridan.com/TSP.html

The Sheridan Press
$56.00 (Professional)
$43.50 (Student)
Phone: (717) 632-3535 x8188

Studies in Gender and Sexuality

SGS is directed equally to clinicians (psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers), developmental researchers, and academics working in cultural anthropology, family history, feminism, gender studies, queer studies, social history, sociology, and women's studies, all of whom share an interest in contemporary perspectives on gender and sexuality. The journal is open to a variety of theoretical clinical, and methodological approaches to these broad topics consistent with its goal of promoting interdisciplinary dialogue among contributors and readers.

Website: www.informaworld.com

Taylor & Francis Group LLC
Phone: 800-354-1420 ext. 275


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