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by  Doris Brothers

One of the great joys of the annual IAPSP conferences for me has always been reconnecting with colleagues I see only at these events. Another yearly delight has been meeting people who live and work far from my sliver of the globe. But this year - I'm not at all sure why - I felt more aware that IAPSP is a truly international community. I spoke with colleagues from Japan, Israel, Brazil, Norway, Austria and Canada and from all over the U.S. in ways that seemed quite natural and matter of course - until I stopped to think about how extraordinary these meetings were. It's thrilling to imagine that the unique cultural influences that we all bring to our conversations about the conference presentations and our own areas of special interest will contribute to the development and enrichment of our field.

Please check out "Conference Reflections" to learn how others felt about the Chicago conference.

We hope to bring more of this international flavor to eForum. Annette Richard's column, "IAPSP Interviews," provides a good starting point in that she has been conducting in-depth interviews with people from all around the world. We now have a column entitled "Voices from Israel" by Orly Shoshani in which she posts papers by Israeli writers. In the future we plan to offer more features by IAPSP members in other countries.

I'm delighted to introduce two new regional eForum editors: Harry Paul is replacing George Hagman as the East Coast Editor and Denise Davis is replacing Anne Paris as the Midwest Editor. Fortunately, Anne will continue editing her terrific columns, "Our Creative IAPSP Community," and "Book News."

I was very pleased to receive a new "Op-Ed" piece, "Sadomasochism Contextualized," from Andrew Lagomasino. I hope you will send me your short pieces for review on topics that you feel might be of interest to your IAPSP colleagues.

A great many IAPSP members have answered Carol Mayhew's call for postings for her column, "What Are you Reading and Watching Now?". It's been a treat to find out what has captured the interest of IAPSP members and to read their critiques.

We plan to post summaries of the conference panels on eForum again this year. And of course, it will always be possible for you to use eForum to keep your colleagues up to date on what's happening in your life, your work, or your institute or training program. Just submit news items for posting on "Members' Updates," "Recent Publications," and "Institute News." Send them to me at .

I wish you a wonderful year!

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